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I've heard contractors take forever to finish a project because they only work a few hours a day, due to over booked schedules. Will your company do the same? 
No, we have a foreman assigned to each job, he will be on your bathroom Mon. thru Fri. We complete about 95% of our projects on time.
Some companies boast about being busy for 2 months. If it takes that long to start, will it take 2 months for them to come back, if I have a problem with my bathroom?
We can not speak for other companies, however we pride ourselves on having a "Real Warranty"! If you have any challenges with our bathroom, we will do our best to be back within 48 hours!
Your company came highly recommended, however your prices are a little higher. You are still quite lower in price to Home Depot, but still some of the other bids I've gotten are lower, why is this?
There are new "start up" companies every day, they really don't know the prices so they under bid other companies. They usually go out of business within a couple years. Honestly, what's the point of a "good price" with no warranty and a leaking tub?
Is it more economical for me to buy the materials for my bathroom and have your company do the installation?

We do not resell materials. If we buy an Americast tub for $189, for example, that's what you get it for(plus tax). Remember most companies will not warranty the materials you buy, only the labor! So let us do the purchasing and you will have a 1 year warranty,and peace of mind....

People Say’s about us

I thought you were all talk, but your company pulled through!

Most people are so set on the lowest price, but never take into consideration that something may go wrong after the contractor is long gone. Well after two weeks my wife noticed a crack in the tile, and the next day you folks responded! That says a lot about a company. Oh and by the way my neighbor is still trying to get her contractor to come back for touch ups!

Thank you Omar
Jimmy McLandry
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